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Looking for Safety Instant Paying Investment?

GoDeposit.biz is coming! Go and Deposit, after the plan matured, you can make withdraw instantly! It work for all e-currency except BankWire Or WU.

Customer Design

GoDeposit.biz use responsive template, you can visit us with many equipment or device. More investors can know us easily!


Security SSL

SSL link will protect investors login infos including ID & Password. Dedicated Servers is more safety than other host!


Instant Deposit & Withdraw

Deposit & Withdraw is instantly here. Bitcoin & Litecoin need 5-8 confirmed from system then finish deposit & withdraw instantly too!



This is our FAQ/Help area. Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. We strongly urge you to read the entire FAQ/Help area thoroughly and attentively. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you still have any questions that have not been addressed. For your convenience, we have grouped all the Q's and A's into clearly defined categories.
  • What is GoDeposit.biz Inc. & GoDeposit.biz?

    GoDeposit.biz Inc. is a private investment company. Our company was born in 2013. But we did not offer our services to the public till in March, 2016 the decision was made. Now GoDeposit.biz is a company holding diversified financial services and actively working in Bitcoin trading. Our investment plans and products combined with our outstanding security features and reputation for stability ensure you have the best options available to trading in the Bitcoin industry.

  • How can I contact your company?

    >We are available on following contact methods:
    Business Office:

    67 Greaves Road Lancaster
    Lancaster, LA14UW
    United Kingdom
    Support Enquiry: support@godeposit.biz

  • Is GoDeposit.biz will return the Principal?

    No. The GoDeposit.biz will not principal return when your deposit is expired.

  • Is SignUp with GoDeposit.biz free of charge?

    Yes. SignUp with GoDeposit.biz is completely free of charge.

  • How can I open an account?

    In order to open an account you only need to have an active e-mail address. Switch to SignUp Page and fill in the require fields. It will take less than a minute.

  • Which e-currencies do you accept?

    We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money,Payee, Okpay, BankWire & Wu.

  • How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?

    Your account will be updated as fast as you send a payment.

  • How can I make money with GoDeposit.biz?

    Just SignUp and create one or several deposits within one or several investment plans. After that you will be receiving profits according to the conditions of the investment plan you choose.

  • Can I make a new deposit from my account balance ?

    No, you need to withdraw firstly.

  • How can I request a withdraw ?

    To make a request you need to login to your account and click on "Withdraw " in the right and top menu, then fill in the necessary info to complete your withdrawal request.

  • When will my withdrawal request be processed?

    All of our withdrawal is instant,including Bitcoin withdrawal.

  • Can I withdraw my earnings to a different e-currency account ?

    No, all payments are done in the e-currency of the same payment system that was used for the investment. We do not exchange currencies when paying out in order to avoid dispute and make an balanced conditions for all payment processors.

  • How does the referral program work and how much can I earn?

    We offer 3%-10% referral commission program to our customers. It is a good way to make extra money. By inviting more people to our investment programs, you will instantly receive 3%-10% ref commission from every deposit your referrals made.

  • Can I recommend myself for commission and bonus?

    No, recommending yourself is deemed as a kind of cheating and extremely forbidden in our referral program. You will not get any commission or bonus by recommending yourself. Besides, we may suspend your accounts. It mean we don't allow multi accounts with same IP. If it have it will disable instant withdraw!

  • Will I get my referral commission for every deposit my referrals make from external e-currencies or account balance?

    You will get referral commission for every deposit your referrals make from external e-currencies, but we do not offer referral commission for deposit made from the account balance.

  • Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in your affiliate program?

    No, It is free to earn from our affiliate program without having to make an investment with our company. You only need to open an account and start to promote our site.

  • Can i make multi deposit in GoDeposit.biz?

    Yes it can! But we don't allow multi plans working in same time because it will effect your instant withdraw function in our system! You can make multi deposits in same plan and it is accepted.